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Welcome to this site, where you’ll find freely available sound files to accompany my English pronunciation workbook Say It Again, Please.  

[Henderson, A. (2015), published by Université Savoie-Mont Blanc, ISBN 978-2-919732-43-2. Available for 10€ on-line at le comptoir des presses d’universités]



Say It Again, Please is an easy-to-use workbook (entirely in English) which helps learners improve their English pronunciation, using short humorous texts and exercises on minimal pairs (for example BEAT / BIT, CUT / COAT). Most of the exercises result from over two decades of creating lab materials at a French university, specifically for students preparing the national examination to become an English teacher in secondary schools. It is modeled on a book by H. Greven, Travaux phonétiques de langue anglaise (1987, 1994), but provides a more limited series of simple exercises for practicing certain aspects of spoken English that native French speakers find difficult.

The traditional format of minimal pairs exercises may seem “dull as dishwater” but I found that my students often wanted a framework for structured, repetitive practice of troublesome features. They seemed to find such work gratifying and beneficial, especially as a complement to informal practice with English in everyday life, be it watching television or films, Skype-ing friends around the world or helping a lost foreigner find the post office. I also included exercises which exploit varieties of word play, as humour has the potential to make any learning process more enjoyable – and funny things might be easier to remember.


Given the tremendous range of English-es to which learners are now exposed via Internet, gaming and films, etc., I felt it was essential to provide two recordings for all exercises. Few books systematically present both a standard southern British variety and a standard American variety and my students tend to aim for one of these two standards. (It is obviously important that when listening they also understand other varieties.)
My workbook is not a theoretical treatise, nor is it a phonetics textbook. It is merely a collection of exercises that numerous French students have found useful. The sound files are provided on this site free of charge, so that people can easily work with them at home.

Happy pronouncing!

Alice Henderson

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